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The history of our business goes back to January 1 1900, with the start of a Freight Audit & Consulting company and as pioneer on the Danish market, resulting in situation reports with recommendations about procurement optimization. Royal Copenhagen with Kongelig Porcelæn among others was a client for the first 10 years. In the start of year 2000 we decided to replace reports with direct initiation of transport tenders. Today ITR is known as a Freight Audit & Tender provider that focus on serving European and global customers, typically after successfull projects for subsidiaries. From the start we understood the need of IT-based solutions that would enable us to deliver services most efficient and international.

ITR, with strong heritage in transport and roots in sale in the freight forwarding industry is nowadays the largest Freight Audit provider in Denmark and an experienced Global provider. With advanced technology we serve customers in the Automotive, Industrial, Consumer, Pharma and Healthcare industry. What our customers like the most about us is our strong transportation approach, the high level of detail and flexibility in technology next to the pro-active approach towards the transport companies. ITR is a highly efficient Freight Audit provider that is driven by cost savings as much by value through Tenders, Audit and Optimization of shipping data.


Fee types on projects are adapted to the task types, and are given in the form of either fixed price, result fee or a combination thereof. Where the fee was primarily hourly based the first 10 years, it was the subsequent 10 year performance based. Unlike competitors, customers only pay fees when they have obtained results from projects realized, i.e. In particular, savings were achieved (save n'pay).

Strategic Partners

We cooperate with software provider, which provides the basic control software. The software is specially developed for very large companies and transport consultancy and cargo audit firms with cargo analyze experts.

With the software we keep track of your shipping costs.

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