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    A consultant or audit agreement with ITR means that you establish a "Spend management control Tower" as the point of view of efficiency

Spend Management - Within Freight

In most Companies there are significant savings opportunities "hidden" in the spend data generated by typical enterprise systems. A detailed spend analysis often provides a whole new perspective on where the Money goes and suggest new ways to cut costs. Here's how.

All ITR services are related to spend management, which means that

  • Benchmarking your costs will be based on a spend analysis
  • Tendering your freight is based on Benchmarking results and recorded spending
  • Measuring actual savings will be based on comparing old spending versus new spending
  • Freight bill post audit is based on actual spending which often results in substantial credit notes
  • Spending is monitored and managements reports are provided in accordance with your individual requirements 

Spend analysis is not simply a project, but an integral part of the procurement and post audit and therefore we categorize our services within the field of end Management.

ITR focuses on both short term and long term  achievements for you. The reason is that you shall not end at starting point again when freight providers asks for renegotiation but instead ITR supports  you so you can achieve continiously improvemts. If you can measure it, you can control it. If you are making decisions based on the spend analysis of year past, you can be assured there are more savings to be found.

Benchmarking af freight rates

Tracking your prices that are potentially too expensive by simulating billing of your spending history according to the Best prices on the market.

Advantage: Achieve continuously competitive prices, avoid resource-intensive tenders and supplier switching

Tendering freight

A shortlist with the best suppliers on the market • Benchmarks and RFP material • Audit, checking, simulations and analysis of the offers received • Advice on selection of suppliers for final bid • The last report with recommendations

As part of the procurement task, a post-audit period is included where you get invoice control and the measurement of actual financial savings.

Save´n Pay. Our payment can be based on the savings we get you in a year, which means that the final payment will only take place up to 18 months after you have signed the contract with us.

Freight Audit Solutions

Check the freight invoices down in the smallest detail. And make sure that errors are detected and credited.

Control is particularly important after price/agreement changes.

Advantages: Knowledge of error types and fault areas. In dept audit is carried out by direct data exchange between the auditor (ITR) and the freight company as well as collection of credit notes in conjunction with ongoing deviation reporting and updates

Management reporting

Monitor the performance of your freight companies and freight spending.

And combine this with ITR monitoring of the same freight companies and relevant alternative freight Companies).


New suppliers, new export markets, new products and new delivery terms require advice that leads the shortest way to additional competitive transport solutions and prices.

Advantages: Price-/carrier-/route- and transport service database enables a fast and competitive solution to be achieved


Cutting edge IT solutions - My Calculator

Transport companies are often measured on the ability to deliver IT solutions such as My Calculator, in addition to A to B transport. However, customers often bluger more than a transport company and it is often limited where advanced and compatible IT solutions are.

My calculator allows you to hit your own freight prices in one central place. My inquiry helps customers obtain quotations on single transports that the fixed price agreements are not covered by. ITR helps with the collection of offers.