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Advantages by selecting ITR

Achieves continuously competitive prices and save time and money on resource-intensive tenders (benchmarking)

Ensure long-term cooperation by enabling the carrier to adapt prices to competition on the market (benchmarking)

Get guaranteed results by Save n’ Pay. The result fee for tender services is not achieved until the results are achieved by 1. Payment is due only after 3 months after start-up (Transport tender)

Securing cooperation with transporters not being terminated during duration of agreement. Minimum 12-month follow-up with corresponding billing control and result measurement (transport tender)

Access to special software to manage all types of tenders, detailed performance analyses and minimize risk of errors in tender analysis and resource-saving (transport tenders)

Knowledge of common error types and fault areas. Checking price surcharges per consignment level, collecting credit notes on behalf of customer and submission reporting (Invoice control)

Overview due to Central database registration, monitoring and continuous updating (management reporting)

Experience and database-based knowledge across transport customers and transport companies shorten the path to finding a competitive solution (advice)

Look up your own prices in 1 and the same freight calculator, which contains all the same current (and alternative) transport companies instead of using multiple freight calculators, ie. 1 for each transport company (My Calculator)

Ongoing update of surcharges in freight calculator instead of calculators with part of surcharges, which are exclusive, frozen or not updated regularly (My Calculator)

Sharpening spot offers on ad hoc price queries is ensured by sending a request to 1 place (ITR) and relayed to 2-3 transport companies instead of asking 1 and the same person/transport company each time (Freight Inquiry)

Perspective freight spend increase/decrease in relation to the impact on the company's turnover (Impact Calculator)

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