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    Precalculate your shipping costs. The program is used to run price queries on its own individual quotes

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My Calculator

My calculator allows you to precalculate your own freight prices in one central place. 

The primary benefit of using My Calculator is to enableling lookup price, beside ensuring that ...:

  • invoiced freight is not higher than precalculated freight
  • the right service is selected/booked
  • freight offers from different companies with different tariffs and methods of calculations are compared 1:1

Secondary benefits

  • Look up your own prices in 1 and the same freight calculator, which includes current carriers and alternatives instead of using multiple freight calculators, i.e. 1 for each carrier
  • Continuous updating of price surcharges in My calculator instead of calculators with price surcharges that are exclusive, locked or not updated regularly


  • Easy and simple to use. App is compatible with mobiles and tablets – therefore also during travels and at home office
  • My Calculator is able to handle all types of
    • Freight services (Air, Sea, Courier, Road, Express)
    • Surcharges
    • Price tariffs in all formats (price per pallet, loading meter, cubic meter, kg etc.)

"How to":

  • Your price tables are uploaded after receipt and registering by ITR
  • You receive Username and password in order to log in.
  • My Calculator is updated by ITR whenever a surcharge(fee) is updated or implemented if applicable/agreed like fuel, road taxes,

For all this there is a small fixed ITR fee which is billed on quarterly basis in advance + a fee for updating.

ITR and customer share a log file thereafter in order to evaluate scope of use of “Calculate” and discuss possible customized add on functionalities.

Do you want to hear more about "My Calculator"? - please contact us here. 


Ermax A/S uses "My Calculator" for pre-calculating total freight cost per shipment after inventory picking. This is in order to budget right freight invoice amount.

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